Topical fat? Put it on ice
Bloodless liposuction with permanent results

LipoFreeze or cryolipolysis is now the most popular local slimming treatment because it offers impressive results from the 1st session without the need for surgery and without side effects.

How does it work:

The method uses 2 techniques, suction and controlled cooling to effectively target the fatty tissue and achieve the desired result. Clinical studies show that we have an impressive reduction of 25-40% of adipose tissue in 2-4 sessions.
LipoFreeze is aimed at people who, despite all their efforts, have fat deposits that no diet or exercise can eliminate. It is also suitable for those who are in the process of losing weight and want to either speed up the process or lose from certain points.
The session lasts 55′ and usually 2-4 sessions are enough. After the LipoFreeze method you can return to your normal daily activities.