The most modern method of hair removal is done with a diode laser and wins impressions.

Diode laser ensures us:

  • Faster results as we do fewer applications than other methods.
  • Very good result.
  • Short session duration.
  • Milder sensation of discomfort compared to other hair removal methods.
  • Protection of the skin by using the ice crystal (ice peltier) in contact with the skin.
  • Safety and efficacy for all skin types. It applies even to sun-tanned or dark Mediterranean skin, fine and coarse hair, and all areas of the body.
  • It is also applied safely to the face.

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The diode laser emits a monochromatic, enhanced light beam at 810nm, which transfers high light energy and heat to specific tissues (hair), leaving healthy skin intact and is the most suitable for hair removal. At the same time, the speed of our machine allows us to do the hair removal in the shortest possible time, for example a back is finished in just 10 minutes or the legs in less than half an hour.

Due to the longer wavelength, the Diode laser at 810nm acts deeper by ‘avoiding’ the melanin in the skin, making it ideal for all seasons and effective even for the darkest phototype. Once a follicle is destroyed (even if it is not visible to us as with the diode laser the hair growth on the outside is not destroyed at the same time) the hair does not grow back.
For this reason, compared to other hair removal methods and to the pure Alexandrite laser, it is safer and more effective, especially on dark skin and during periods of sunshine. That’s why we continue waxing in the summer and can also take on darker skin. Especially in the bikini area and underarms, where the hair is usually darker and the pockets are deeper, the results are amazing. In addition, all clinical studies show that the Diode laser is more effective and painless than plain Alexandrite.

The number of applications and the interval between them depends on many factors, such as the area, the thickness and color of the hair, the stage of hair growth and the color of the skin.