Mesotherapy is probably the most popular service. Logical, because it has immediate and definite results and effectively and long-lastingly treats the problems of any skin. At Only Beauty we apply non-injectable mesotherapy. These are 2 machines with technology that allows us to penetrate the ingredients we want painlessly without needles and punctures.. To clarify that mesotherapy is not a treatment but is the method by which we apply the protocols of all treatments

Ideal for:

Wrinkle filling

Tightening – face lifting

Smoothing of enlarged pores and scars

Treatment of acne

Treatment of wrinkles and sagging of the eye


Neck and décolletage tightening

Cellulite treatment

Local fat


Body tightening

Back acne

Anti-aging hands

Hand bleaching

Note that its application is completely painless and does not leave any irritation.

The great results of our mesotherapy are due to the excellent quality and effective mesotherapy materials we use.