All peelings at the institute are applied with the necessary procedure and care that each skin requires. This is how we achieve maximum results without irritation.

New Acids

New generation of acids guarantee sure regeneration and correction of the skin without irritation. They have nothing to do with the acids you have known until now. They do not irritate the skin at all and work immediately.
Acids treat:

• All signs of aging
• Acne
• Panades
• Scars
• Relaxation
• Activate the skin

Dermabrasion with diamond

Dermopeel dermabrasion is a deep exfoliation treatment thanks to the mechanical action of the fine diamonds present in its heads.

It is suitable for:
• Light or deep cleansing of the skin
• Removes surface layers
• Restores cellular structure to optimal levels
• Reduces the depth of wrinkles
• Reduces blemishes

At the same time, vacuum suction offers:
Detoxification through lymphatic channels
Reduction in puffiness, bags and dark circles
Oxygenation and stimulation of cells

Fraxpeel-Derma roller

Innovation in the field of regeneration and reconstruction of skin cells. The fraxpeel-derma roller activates fibroblasts and causes the skin to increase collagen production. It is also combined with mesotherapy and is ideal for:

• Tightening
• Wrinkles
• Acne scars
• Bleaching
• Antiaging
• Treatment at home