The best, truly, service for the beauty of your hands.

The organic manicure offers you permanently painted and well-groomed nails. It lasts for 3-4 weeks shiny without any effect on your natural nails.

The organic gel contains vitamins and trace elements and nourishes the natural nail, also because it is based on natural rubber, has micropores and allows the natural nail underneath to breathe. So it can be worn for as long as you want without complications and is ideal for nails that have been damaged by chemical treatments such as acrylic, gel and silk. At 20-25 days only one maintenance is needed.

It withstands the chores and everyday life of a woman. You’ll just have one less stress. No matter what work you do, your nails will always be well-groomed.

It is made in many colors and designs and of course also in French.

The biological gel “Bio-Sculpture gel” that we use is the only approved biological gel and therefore the only one that can use the term “bio”.

Session duration: 1 – 1.15 hours