ENDOLA shaping

It is a machine of the latest generation, which safely combines several technologies at the same time, so that we get results immediately after the first treatment. Our body changes from the first days.

The new Endola machine combines 4 different technologies:

HIFU     •     Low Light Laser     •     RF Bipolar     •     Vacuum Endermologie

Application to the body:

1. Bloodless liposuction

2. Body slimming -Loss of points

3. Reduction of cellulite

4. Relief for fluid retention

5. Improving blood circulation

6. Skin tightening

7. Smoothing the contour of the body

8. Non-invasive and painless method

ENDOLA Shaping is the latest proposal for body sculpting. It is an ideal solution for those who want to deal with localized fat without liposuction. For people who exercise or who cannot get rid of locally accumulated fat with diet. For all women who want to fight cellulite

Finally, it is for people with local fat and cellulite problems, who want to avoid injectable treatments and prefer relaxing, pain-free treatments.

At ONLY BEAUTY we choose personalized protocols and combine it with the rest of the treatments to maximize the result depending on the case.