It is an active and effective treatment for the immediate restoration of chronic redness and rosacea, it is specially formulated with antimicrobial and regulatory action to help reduce redness and prevent recurrences.
It strengthens the resistance and defense of the skin by restoring its natural color, acts immediately, balances and restores the health and beauty of your skin.

Whether it presents as mild facial irritation or a persistent redness, or swelling with a burning sensation, rosacea can cause aesthetic discomfort for the estimated millions of patients who suffer psychologically and emotionally from this disorder.

It’s more than just redness. While many may think that rosacea is just a little red skin on the face, the signs and symptoms are often more extensive, swelling, pimples, flushing, visible blood vessels, thickening of the skin. Non-visible symptoms such as burning and stinging can become unbearable for many as the disorder can also affect the eyes. Symptoms and the general picture can vary from person to person. Rosacea in one patient will not be the same in the next.

Rosacea occurs transiently and is its most troublesome feature because while symptoms tend to subside and pass, flare-ups occur unexpectedly. These can be triggered by lifestyle or climatic factors such as exposure to the sun, heat, spicy foods or even by some ingredients in cosmetic or make-up products.

Rosacea is now a curable clinical condition. It is important to recognize it as a clinical disease and not just an aesthetic skin problem. If not diagnosed and treated early, rosacea can get worse and cause significant emotional and physical problems.