Are you looking for a permanent manicure that does not damage your natural nails? You found it: Permanent organic manicure & pedicure with the original organic gel .

It is an amazing material with many awards, absolutely friendly for natural nails and is NOT the well-known semi-permanent manicure or “shellac”

Well-groomed, painted and beautiful nails are one of the most essential parts of an elegant and impressive appearance. Practically, however, simple varnish does not last and semi-permanent, acrylic, gel and built-in are harmful to natural nails and skin.

– So how can we always have well-groomed nails, without damaging them, while we have so many jobs and obligations at home and at work?

Looking for the answer to this question at Only Beauty, about 21 years ago we found and started first in Athens the application of the original permanent organic manicure.

-What is a permanent organic gel manicure?

It is a specialized long-lasting manicure that does not wear out our natural nails and withstands our daily chores. The organic manicure is done with the original Bio Sculpture organic gel, which is a gel based on natural rubber that allows the nail to breathe, does not contain the 5 harmful ingredients: formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dbp, camphor, it is animal cruelty free and vegan. The biological gel is used directly on the natural nail, without excessive rubbing, so it does not weaken our nails. It lasts comfortably for 3-4 weeks, only then we renew it because the natural nails underneath have grown longer and the permanent manicure has come off with it. It is flexible and unbreakable, easily removed without damaging the natural nail and does not cause any infection or fungus. At the same time, it hardens the nail, makes it stronger and gives us a durable finish. It also wins awards for its quality every year. It gives a thin and sharp result and can be French or colored in many colors, in all the modern and timeless colors that suit you. Infinite designs can also be made with color, glitter and strass for an even more impressive effect.

For the ladies, now, who don’t have nails, artificial nails can be applied, again with biological gel… They also last a month and then we maintain them or remove them once the natural nails have grown to the length you want. Like the permanent manicure, they are done in French or color with or without nail art.

The organic permanent pedicure lasts almost 2 months and does not cause fungal infections.

For those of you who want Permanent organic manicure beautiful and healthy nails, permanent organic manicure is the solution!